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T.F.T. Clearings to Dispel Blocks to Success Training



“For the first time since months I could work this week on my financial objectives with joyful anticipation and a smile. Things are moving so fast! I generated around 4000$ to come in and someone called me interested to buy one of my paintings… all that in 48 hours. I feel a shift inside. It’s like my second new part of life is beginning!"

"I highly recommend the one on one sessions with Michael. I did it: priceless, professional, accurate, precise, caring, customized! Something shift deeply… With my gratitude Michael 🎄"

Caroline Morcillo

Level 8 Member, Artist

“I want to give you a thanks for the clearing on Monday. I did an amazing week on trading after that clearingit really worked out!”

Mario Urbalejo


"Hi Michael, I really wanted to thank you for the session last night... I am so grateful and appreciative... Your integrity and intention to help people shines very strongly. 

"I will be encouraging some of my 'coachees' to consider one on one sessions with you because I realise now after being in GIN for over 10 years, I could have moved through things and blocks holding me back so much earlier and more easily. I understand this now that I reached the higher levels, the power of 2 or more is key to moving through things, and you can't always do everything yourself, you need to call on help and guidance and of course the right type

"Again many thanks and I look forward to our next session."

Stuart Whitehall

Level 8 Member, Business Owner

“Michael brother, thank you for helping me clear those blockages. The feeling of “not enough” & “shame” has been lifted and I feel extremely amazing! I feel like I can create more!! ...

"Btw my biz went from $1300/month- $13,500/month in 6 weeks! Your stuff works...”

Nick Basaraba

Business Owner

Clear with Michael 1 on 1

Remember how KT talks about clearing your book of challenges TFT for over an hour in Level 1 - Lesson 1

Lesson 2?

He suggests to clear what you can on your own then get a practitioner to work on the traumas, triggers and blocks that are difficult to clear with the basic information alone (those reversals get real gnarly).

This is your chance!

Grab a single or package of clearing sessions with Michael who will make sure you get the highest chance of success, blowing through your most challenging blocks.

There's a reason why Kevin recommends it so highly! Find out why: 

Get 1 on 1 TFT Sessions


Michael Grady

TFT Voice Technology Practitioner
Master NLP Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist
SRT Practitioner
Stage Hypnotist

Michael has starred on the show "Hypnotized" on MTV, featured on an hour-long segment with the Alex Jones Show, collaborated with professionals in the NFL and NHL on sports enhancement systems, authored over a hundred self-improvement programs along side popular authors like Les Brown and many others, performed on 100's of stages nationwide with his mind power hypnosis show and is now going to share his secrets, with you!

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