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Dispel Negative Thoughts, Emotions, Moods, Blocks to Healing,
Curses, Toxins and more... on a FREE Weekly Workshop!


On This Call We Will

  • Test Substances BEFORE Eating or Intake for Prevention

  • Learn to Identify and Neutralize the Negative Effects of Toxins

  • Explain Why Toxins Are Stopping the Body from Healing and Recovering 

  • Show You How to Verify This Scientifically  with a 10 Dollar Machine

  • Demonstrate the Toxin Clearing Protocol LIVE with Volunteers (You)

  • Teach You How to Do the Toxin Clearing Protocol

  • Stop the Toxins from Throwing You Into a Negative Spin

  • How to Use The Protocol to Detox Pets, Children and Loved Ones

  • And much more...

  • Prepare for a Master Class level intensive with a notepad, a list of possible toxins you are dealing with and the ability to focus on the class without distractions

    This information has never been shared openly to the public and normally costs over $5000.00 to learn after passing multiple prerequisite levels of training. 

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    Michael Grady

    TFT Advanced Practitioner
    Master NLP Practitioner
    Clinical Hypnotherapist
    SRT Practitioner
    Stage Hypnotist

    Michael has starred on the show "Hypnotized" on MTV, featured on an hour-long segment with the Alex Jones Show, collaborated with professionals in the NFL and NHL on sports enhancement systems, authored over a hundred self-improvement programs along side popular authors like Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Les Brown and many others, performed on 100's of stages nationwide with his mind power hypnosis show and is now going to share his secrets, with you! 

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